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Excellent Air Solutions is your one-stop shop for stove and oven repair in Miami and the surrounding areas. Whether you have an electric or gas range, our repair techs will make sure that your appliances are working to their maximum capacity. We’ll get your kitchen back in order so that you can pick up where you started – with baking, broiling or simmering your next meal!

The burner won’t come on. Typically, this is an easy fix that involves replacing the burner, receptacle or switch.

The burner is too hot. A bad switch usually causes this issue. A simple switch replacement can address this problem and others.

The oven door is stuck. If you can’t open your oven door, it may be caused by a misaligned self-clean latch or defective oven control.

The oven is not baking or broiling. Notice that your foods aren’t cooking properly? This is often caused by a bad bake igniter or valve.

The oven is producing erratic temperatures. Sporadic temperatures are usually the result of a bad temperature sensor, selector switch or bake oven ignitor.

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